Thursday, 10 May 2012

M.E Awareness Week

I like to keep this blog about crafty stuff but today I'm taking a moment out to talk about something a bit more personal.  This week is M.E. Awareness Week and as some of you know I have suffered with the illness, with varying degrees of severity, for the last 13 years. I'm not going to go in to the ins and outs of my experiences here but, as my way of doing a little bit to promote awareness & understanding, I just want to point you in the direction of the charity ME Research UK and this article here. So much more research is needed into this illness and in the mean time all we sufferers ask for is understanding & compassion.

Normal crafty service will return soon! ;)


Tip Top said...

Thanks for the info!

Debbie said...

Hi Jenny, your post is informative yet straight to the point.From one sufferer to another keep well and will check the links out.Take care dearie.Hugs Debbie x