Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Do Not Adjust Your Set!

This card really is THIS bright! 

Polka Doodles Flower Pieces.

Thanks for the yellow card, Ruth!

Remember, there's still a little time to enter my Sketch Challenge here. Only ONE entry so far (oh the shame...) but that means more chance of winning for you!


Tip Top said...

Hehehe! And I know how bright it is! Fab card!

Steph said...

Gorgeous card. I think it's possibly the brightest card I've ever seen!!!! x

Dora said...

So bright yes, but love it :) .. had a look at your sketch, a bit wobbly yes :) but so nice. Pity there was only one entry. Hugs xx

Allison said...

lovely bright card

Kathy said...

Bright and sooo cheerful, I love it