Friday, 15 January 2010

Pin Cushion

No new cards or projects to share with you today... I have a stack of cards & projects waiting to be photographed when I get a chance to do it in some decent light!  So instead I thought I'd show you a project from last year, but still one that I haven't blogged before.  It's a little pin cushion I made for Stamptivity (who are now available exclusively through Debbi Moore )...

I used one of the stamps from their beautiful Gemstone Stamp Set . I stamped the square gemstone design directly onto the felt (from Lupin), then hand stitched over this with a simple back stitch.  As you can see, it's mounted onto a slightly larger piece of felt by machine stitching 3 sides before stuffing & sewing up the final side. 

I've noticed a lot of stitching effects on cards on other blogs recently & this idea could be adapted for that; either by attaching the felt to the card or by stitching directly onto card.


Carol said...

Such perfect little stitches! LOVE the colours together Jenny.... Great little gift idea :)

Carol x

Anonymous said...

Very nice!

You could maybe adapt this to make full size cushions.