Thursday, 25 February 2010

Interested in Free Entry to Creative Stitches/Hobby Crafts Show at SECC?

Anyone interested in free entry?  I have just won free entry for two to the Creative Stitches / Hobby Crafts show on at the SECC, Glasgow next week & I'm unable to attend.  It was one of those 'tick the boxes' things in a magazine & usually I avoid the ones I can't go to but this time I forgot!  I have a letter which has to be presented at the entrance of the show & it's valid for any one of the 4 days (4-7 March) & admits 2 people.  I'll need to know in plenty of time to get the letter posted off to you & will give to the first person to contact me.  If you are interested send me an email.  or if not tell your friends!  Would be a shame for someone not to benefit from them! 

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